5 Tips on Healthy Lifestyle for Gamers And Online Betting Players

Of course, I’m here to tell you who read this cave section to be an enthusiast of online soccer betting with a healthy lifestyle because most gamers unknowingly have killed themselves slowly. It’s so scary when you play and know the seizures suddenly, and of course you still want to play games when you’re old, right? Therefore, just immediately, you just peel it off one by one.

1. Rest

There are so many gamers who want to take a break, actually the break is important even though it’s only just 5 minutes to refresh your TTM because if your TTM is fast it certainly feels like if you play better than before. Eits is not a colleague but intimate but hands, body, eyes. Pro-gamers just remember to sleep, even if only for a short time. Rest your eyes with the technique of seeing something bright green that doesn’t belong to the monitor or close your eyes.

Occasionally waking up from a sitting location because sitting too long is a danger because it can cause obesity, muscle aches, and even heart attacks. Even if you keep taking a break for about 5 minutes, if you have been playing for 6-8 hours doing stretching for your important body and hand to play the game:

2. Remember Time

Remember times don’t mean remembering the time to just rest, but:

  • Eat and drink
    There are so many gamers who still like to postpone the meal, ok if you are lazy to eat on time. But at least you should not be able to eat or drink to keep your concentration (advertisements for drinking water). The food you eat should not be indomie but solid food that can fulfill your energy completely, and if you really play in the net before the kebarnet eat first so you don’t buy indomie because it’s ok to economize the wallet. And not enough drinking can at least cause bladder infection to interfere with brain benefits, while you need a brain to plan your strategy when playing.
  • Sleep
    Well, this one is not really a lot of gamers willing to be an impromptu batman to play a game, actually the next day you have to be in charge, lecture, or school. Finally, because sleep is not enough for 6 hours, headache is not playing and even sleepiness is not able to concentrate in order to carry out the morning activities, so it falls apart from its activities. The effects of staying up late affect the skin, your skin becomes like an old man, so the person feels inferior to being close to you. Not to mention the risk of disease impacts staying up late like hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Well, the candidates can’t play the game anymore.
  • More important thing
    The more urgent thing here is things that must be specialized such as office assignments, college assignments, school assignments, etc. If you do office work, of course you will be cheated if the boss doesn’t get hurt. Well, if this college and school assignment is like that in the underestimate. You must learn how to prioritize your tasks first because it is your obligation to be brott, after all parents have already paid for school and expensive tuition. After all, if you postpone the task or even cheat later in the day, surely your gaming job will not be calm, you will think about what the morning will be like for the game and the end of the school in a hurry so that you don’t late and cheat your friends.

And all night, you stayed up late, rested for a while and woke up with seven headaches, cheating to be wrong too. Destroyed by your new sheet in the morning, then change your mindset to “wow must complete the task so that you can play calm!”. Oh yes 1 more, that is worship. For Muslims who don’t have to end up praying just to play games, after the fasting month there are not a lot of gamers who run to the cafe when the prayer is tarawih.

3. Take care of cleanliness

If this one is more likely to be an internet cafe gamer, after all the snacking and smoking go ahead. I won’t say things like “don’t smoke!”, “Watch out later die!”, Etc. But the business that suits me is mentioned above just now, which is to maintain cleanliness. If you really like snacks, the trash should not be stacked in front of the monitor, so it will be a bad habit. Well, if you like smoking, you will definitely smoke the ashes and spill everywhere. You can just spread on the keyboard or mouse button.

Automatically your fingers will be filled with cigarette ash, and you ignorantly snack with the fingers full of cigarette ash, it can be that you’ve been curing cigar ash all this time. Therefore, if your ashtray is thick enough, it’s better to just throw it because of the danger if you rage when you play and keep on hitting the table and the ashes fly and inhale unconsciously by you. Already inhaling cigarette smoke, inhaling the ashes too. WOMBO COMBO WAKE UP !!

4. Sports

Start taking time to use the sport, for example when playing Dota 2. Every time you die you have to jump jack about 5 times. Or if you kill 10 and death 6. Then you decide if the kill is a push-up and death is a sit-up. So you have to push-up 10 times and sit-ups 6 times. So you don’t need to make a routine schedule for sports because you will be lazy or forget about playing cool.

5. Keep playing at the limit

There are so many gamers who are cool to play games so they cheat text / phone calls from boyfriends, relatives, even parents. Because if it is the same you just choose to live in a world of fantasy than in the real world, you are addicted. Indeed, there is no harm in playing for sleep from the real world, but it can’t be up to your relationship with relatives, boyfriends, or even parents to be affected by the game.

Usually this affair often occurs among all online soccer betting players who like to not have time to limit, because too much concentration gives bets for their favorite football team. Especially if we already understand the tricks that are submitted by Ball Agents, they can win in a row. Judi Bola Online not only provides tricks, but also bonuses and promos for members. For example, a bonus of 50% is given to new members. Wow, after all if you have become a member there are certainly not a few different benefits that you get.

For the Health Pattern, this affair is not permissible with pro-gamers, because they have devoted their lives to gaming, and in their mindset that games are work and they are surrounded by people who already understand and understand their activities. What’s more, they really rely on gaming as a livelihood. Unlike you, there are still different interests that have to be done, but if you really want to be pro-gamers, you have to dare to risk the risks of losing your job, abandoned lectures and so on. So, for all of you online soccer betting players keep your health pattern well.

6 Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The way to guard a good and true daily healthy lifestyle is how your technique strives to improve a better quality of life, especially in health. Many people do not have time to set aside time to eat, choose to finish the work until late at night, to the point that the hours of sleep are no longer 7-8 hours per day.

If such a lifestyle continues to be carried out, it will be negatively dominant in the body. For having a healthy body there are not a few ways you can apply, but it is not easy to process an unorganized lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

It is true that there are not a few obstacles that you will face to process and maintain them with a healthy lifestyle. The biggest obstacle is laziness that arises in you and underestimates the importance of health. Therefore, a strong intention is needed from within, if there is an intention then the next is to have a will, so that you will realize the healthy lifestyle that you want. The following tips are 6 techniques for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can be applied to your daily life:

6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Adequate rest

You need to know that sleep is quite very urgent for health. Because if the body is preoccupied with many activities every day and not enough to rest, then the body will be susceptible to exposure to the disease. With good sleep every day, you have done the technique of maintaining a healthy lifestyle well.

2. Pay attention to food intake

For techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to arrange what foods will be consumed each day. For example, many kinds of nutrients needed by humans are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Besides that you also have to avoid high fat foods. Fatty foods can result in accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. This can trigger many kinds of chronic diseases.

3. Drinking Water

Drinking water is one easy technique for healthy living. Because by drinking water, can remove toxins contained in the body, which are released through urine. The body is in desperate need of fluid because there are so many activities every day that you are strongly advised to drink at least 8 glasses per day.

4. Exercise diligently

Taking the time to exercise is one of the techniques for living a healthy lifestyle. Because exercise creates the body to be more fit and fit. Exercising can produce toxins in the body, which are released through sweat. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not complete if you don’t exercise.

5. Familiarize Clean Life

Maintain purity including healthy living techniques. In addition to comfort and health, hygiene also makes a good heart condition when you start doing activities. Do not forget to pay attention to the purity of the hands diligently washing hands. Because in daily activities you certainly hold not a few objects or merchandise that are not known for cleanliness.

6. Leaving Bad Habits

At this point you have to really leave negative habits, like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic beverages. Because smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic beverages will cause the internal organs to become damaged.

That’s all, hope you guys can follow the advice and live a long life with your family, don’t forget too always play your favorite match in agen bola trusted in Indonesia. Keep magnificent.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin, Although Your Super Active

As the largest and most outer organ, the skin is most susceptible to contamination with other dirt / bacteria / microorganisms. Therefore, maintaining skin health is very important. Because, ignoring skin health problems can cause serious health problems. Disturbed skin health can make you feel not confident. After all, who does not want to have healthy skin?

Everyone wants it, though everyone has the opposite understanding of healthy skin. But in general, healthy skin is characterized by a soft and moist skin texture, making you feel comfortable, free to move, and confident. Therefore here are some tips to keep your skin healthy:

1. Do not smoke

A simple tip to control skin health does not damage it. Smoking is one of the things that can damage the skin because it can make our skin grow older faster. Smoking can solve collagen which can minimize the elasticity of the skin and damage the toxicity of the toxicity impact of skin cells.

2. Avoid alcohol consumption

In addition to smoking, it turns out, drinking alcohol can damage your skin. Alcohol consumption can create our body and our skin gets dehydrated, which makes your skin look tired and old. Here are some of the effects of alcohol on our skin:

  • Alcohol can damage the liver, even the heart is the organ that plays a role in removing toxins in the body, classified as alcohol. So when the organ is damaged, toxins will accumulate in the body because it can not be disposed of properly. It can be seen from our skin that looks unhealthy / dull / acne.
  • Whether smoking or alcohol consumption makes the production of collagen less. Collagen plays a role in maintaining the color of your skin. Thus, the lack of collagen reserves in the body creates the regeneration of our skin to be not optimal. As a result, fine wrinkles will occur more quickly on your skin.
  • Alcohol can dilate blood vessels, which are especially more easily visible in the area around the eyes. As a result, our skin will feel red or swollen in the area of ​​the eyelid.
  • Certain studies show that alcohol can create hormone instability that creates an increase in oil production. As a result, this affair can stimulate the onset of acne on the skin.

3. Get enough sleep

Less rest can make your skin look tired, dull, and old. Moreover, the more often you do not get enough sleep, the higher the risk of the emergence of black eye bags under the eyes.

4. Eat healthy and nutritious foods

Consumption of healthy and nutritious foods can help you control skin health. Studies that examine that eating healthy and nutritious foods (such as fruits and vegetables) can make your skin look healthier and younger.

5. Control stress

Stress can stimulate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which is the main stress hormone that falls on the oily glands artificial sebaceous glands. The amount of oily fat that is too little is what can block the skin pores and trap the acne-causing bacteria in it. Have fun where you good at it, it’s simply like playing game, you should try domino qiu qiu online for once, it safe and trusted agent.

6. Protect our skin from exposure to sunlight

Protect our skin from the sun to control skin health, especially when the sun is at its highest intensity at 10:00 to 16:00. However, if you still have to move during that time, we strongly advise to:

  • Use protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, trousers, or hats.
  • Use sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) over 15 by applying it for 20 minutes before we go out.

7. Routinely wash your face and use a moisturizer

To control skin health, you must love our skin first. Some techniques to love your skin are as follows:

  • Routine to cleanse your skin. This is an urgent part of skin care to remove dirt and bacteria. However, do it gently and do not forget to use lukewarm water warm.
  • If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer that matches your skin type. For everyday use, use a moisturizer that contains SPF so it also provides protection from sun shipping.

Health Threat Behind the Cleanliness of Swimming Pool Water

Health Threat Behind the Cleanliness of Swimming Pool Water

Behind the clear swimming pool water, not a few of you are aware that there are so not a few health threats lurking. You are probably familiar with the incidents of irresponsible people who just casually urinate while they are still in the pool. The fact is that such events are not the only medical threat you should be aware of when you are feeling the sensation of swimming in a public swimming pool.

In research conducted by the Health and Water Quality Committee located in the United States, among agencies concerned about health threats while in the water environment, all researchers are trying to explore what health risks exist in the public swimming pool environment. The study involved 3000 adults as respondents. Various questions were raised to the respondents, including they may have to urinate in a swimming pool as adults. Here all researchers say that 27% of adults say they did it.

Bahaya Kesehatan Kolam Renang
Kolam Renang Jernih

In response to this affair, Chris Wiant, the chairman of the committee said that you remain uninformed about the health threats lurking in the water. The swimming pool is a public facility. Everyone can access this place, regardless of the background they have. Regardless of your activity or passion, we can not prevent a person from entering a swimming pool. You’re probably a doctor, a businesswoman, a housewife, a student, or a person who likes to play in Agen Sbobet Terpercaya Indonesia. In the swimming pool, there is no limit to private territory.

Every time someone urinates in a pool pond, the urine will be mixed with chlorine in a swimming pool. The mixture of both will result in the appearance of different chemical parts and at the same time, reducing the amount of chlorine dissolved in water. In fact, chlorine is needed as part of disinfectant and bacterial destruction in water.

Due to the decrease in the level of disinfectant in the water, no wonder if the microorganisms are like parasites and bacteria present in the most alarming amount. Researchers are pursuing that parasites and bacteria can spread in the ease of public swimming, even if it has been purified by chemical substances. In 2000 to 2014 mislanya, occurred for 500 medical incidents in the swimming pool in 46 states and Puerto Rico. In that range, 27,219 medical issues were registered and 8 deaths hit residents in the same area. What is unique is that during one-third of this incident occurred in the hotel’s swimming pool and sauna.

Most of these diseases are caused by a type of parasite that has a cryptosporidium name or is often called the crypto term. This parasite is known for its toughness in surviving in an environment with a high chlorine content of about 7 days beruntun and the culprit of diarrheal diseases. In addition, there are as many different microorganisms that contribute greatly to the spread of health threats in the swimming pool environment, such as pseudomonas bacteria resulting in a red rash on the swimmer’s ear element, and Legionella resulting in Legionnaire’s disease. The latter is arguably one of the worst. Legionella microorganisms accounted for at least 6 out of 8 death problems registered in the 15-year period.

Bahaya Kesehatan di Kolam Renang
Bakteri di Kolam Renang

Crypto is listed as the source of the majority of diseases. According to Michele Hlavsa, head of the CDC’s Health Program swim, taking a spoonful of crypto-laden water, a healthy child and adult can be exposed to diarrheal diseases almost a week later, along with stomach cramps, dizziness, and vomiting.

Therefore, he says that it is most important for us to maintain the purity of water from crypto infection. This is also the argument that a person suffering from diarrheal diseases is not allowed to enter the swimming pool environment, but you can still join with Bandar Bola Piala Dunia 2018 if you insist.

Even so, not many adults ignore this appeal. Still not a few of you who think that we can get into the swimming pool after you no longer feel diarrhea, including only 1 hour after we finish. The range of these times is the furthest under a medical recommendation that a diarrhea sufferer should wait at least 1 week until the phenomenon of the disease disappears, then it may be swimming in a public swimming pool.

Furthermore, not many of you miss a bathing ritual before swimming. Most of you still think that bathing is done after swimming. Of course, the 3000 people selected as research respondents can not represent you as a whole. However, at least from this research, we can learn to be more careful each time they are in a public swimming pool environment.

Here are some practical tips that can keep our family’s health in the environment of public swimming pool.

  1. Before leading to a swimming pool, make sure the safety instruction of the pond. This kind of information is not yet widespread in Indonesia, but a number of swimming pools, especially in the hotel environment, have provided this kind of information.
  2. You can check the water quality directly using the pool test strips contained in the equipment stores. Use such a device to test chlorine, bromine, and pH levels in water.
  3. Never drink pool water and regularly clean our child’s body at least once every 1 hour.
  4. Take a minimum of one minute before you swim and if you have just had diarrhea, wait at least 2 weeks before swimming.
  5. Make sure you can see the water seclusion channel in the pool basin element. You should also be able to feel the sides of the pool pond or sauna the location of the meeting of the water with the pool wall of the pool. It should be kept firm and not oily.
  6. If your child is playing water jet, remember that the water used for the vehicle is recycled each time. Make sure your child does not swallow the water, especially if there is a different child who ever sat in the vehicle.
  7. If we are 50 years old or older, have or have ever smoked, have a history of acute lung disease, or suffer from weak body durability, we are more dangerous to attack Legionella microorganisms. These microorganisms are spread by air, classified as aerosols. So, as much as possible, you should avoid jet engines that spray water. You should immediately consult a doctor if you believe you have been infected with pneumonia and convey our contact history with sauna or jet air vehicle lately. This information will help the doctor in handling the best treatment for you.

How to fight against stress?

Stress: here is a word that we hear and use everyday in our contemporary societies. Indeed, the latter seems to take an increasingly important place in the lives of modern citizens . This issue is particularly highlighted today, in a new world advocating performance and productivity foolproof.

What is stress ? What are the causes and the consequences? How to fight it effectively? We make the point in this article on this growing social phenomenon!

What is stress? 

According to US statistics, nearly 80% of medical consultations would be directly , or indirectly , related to stress. This observation is huge! It testifies to the reality and the growing importance of this problem in the field of public health .

For many people, the definition of stress is not clear . Assimilated , by most , to a sense of unease confused, whose intensity varies according to the situation, stress is in fact a process of a biological reaction accurate. So, what is stress?

Stress is a natural reaction of our body to maintain its inner balance in the face of a demand that is made to it . It is, in a way, a means used by our body to defend itself psychically and physically from what it perceives as an external aggression.

Feeling stress is only possible through three elements: the source, the reaction and the attitude . The source is the agent that will trigger the stress. Physical, mental, social or emotional, it represents the external factor that attacks the body. The reaction is the triggering of stress by our brain to counter the source. Finally, the attitude is the perception we have of the source. The latter will influence the intensity of the stress.

The mechanisms of stress, initially called the general syndrome of adaptation, were mainly studied by a Canadian endocrinologist named Hans Selye . The latter is a pioneer of work on stress during the first half of the twentieth century. He is also at the origin of the term in French.

According to Hans Selye, stress is a set of physiological and psychological means implemented by a person to adapt to a given event . This is a reaction , non-specific body , to maintain a state of balance called homeostasis experiencing demand.

Hans Selye also highlights different phases in the stress process: alarm, resistance and exhaustion . The alarm phase is when the organization mobilizes its resources to counter the disruption. The resistance phase is when the organization uses the resources mobilized. Finally, the phase of exhaustion is that which corresponds to the decline in the use of resources. It is the latter that results in various somatic disorders.

Since the 1960s, multiple studies have been conducted on stress and its functioning. It should be noted, however, that even today, researchers do not master all aspects of stress !

Stressed? Say goodbye to the benefits of healthy eating

We all know it: a healthy and balanced diet is essential to take care of our body and stay healthy. What we did not know, however, is that stress can disrupt things.

This is what American researchers have discovered. Their study, published in the Molecular Psychiatry, demonstrates that stress can completely negate the beneficial effects of a healthy diet!

Back on this study and, above all, on several ways to prevent stress from seizing you and playing with your health.

It’s proven: stress has a negative effect on diet

The study was conducted for 2 days with 58 women aged 53 years on average. Of these, 20 were in perfect health and 38 were in remission of breast cancer.

A study conducted around breakfast

The experiment aimed to record the reaction of their organism after a meal. For this, the participants, divided into two groups, were asked to eat the breakfast they were offered. The first group received a breakfast based on saturated fats, considered as bad for health. The second group, meanwhile, was treated to a healthy and balanced breakfast made from sunflower oil.

The researchers also had extensive discussions with each woman to assess their level of stress, particularly related to events experienced in the day before breakfast. Finally, several blood samples were taken from each woman during the study.

The researchers then looked at the inflammation rate in each participant’s blood. Inflammation can be caused by both poor nutrition and stress. And it is far from harmless: it can indeed lead to several health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease!

Results without appeal

If researchers expected to see a higher rate of inflammation in women who ate a breakfast that was bad for their health, that was not the case.

As expected, all women who ate an unhealthy breakfast had high levels of inflammation in their blood regardless of their level of stress. But such a high rate was noted in stressed women who ate a balanced breakfast made from sunflower oil, an oil that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties!

In the end, therefore, only unstressed women who ate a balanced breakfast escaped with a low rate of inflammation.

For researchers, the results are clear: the benefits of a balanced diet have been offset by stress .

To improve nothing, we also know that when we are stressed, we tend to turn to a very unhealthy diet. Between the countless cups of coffee, the cookie packets and the prepared meals of the supermarkets, we quickly get into a vicious cycle in which stress is king: stress makes us make poor food choices , and these choices help to feed us. our stress.

How to adopt a better nutrition? The basics :

What to consume? What to avoid How many meals a day, how many grams, how many servings?

There is a lot to learn about nutrition, and it’s a topic that can not be covered by a single article. We can share the basics to help you take the initiative and adopt better habits right away.

Know that to be in shape, you must be as attentive on the physical training as on what you eat: a quality diet is decisive for your transformation. Here are our recommendations:

A global influence

The food you consume will completely influence how your body develops, as does the way it works. But also, from a more general point of view, your ability to be fit and to have vitality. Many people complain about “being flat”, being “flat” … The problem is that they point the wrong reasons and justify themselves by accusing their busy lifestyle of their demanding jobs and outings where they allow themselves all sorts of excesses and follies. But what about the dozen meals a month at fast food, cakes and other sweets consumed in large quantities, not to mention the breakfasts too light, even skipped? Does not all this have something to do with this state of affairs?

Take a talking image: compare your body to an engine. To work, a body needs gasoline. And gasoline of good quality, rich enough and qualitative for everything to work and activate. This essence is food . And in the same way that you adapt the quality of the fuel for your car according to its engine, you must adapt your power supply according to your activity, your pace of life and your training.

Of course, do not go to the opposite extreme by becoming a perfectionist, obsessive about food. You have the right (and even the duty) to make you happy too, including a “cheat day” every month (cheat day in which you can do an excess).

People obsessed with food, those who set themselves extreme health rules, do not focus enough on what matters and lose considerable time and energy trying to control every aspect of their consumption. They do not realize that they are at the mercy of trends and marketing campaigns of eco and bio lobbies.

Better eating REALLY

The irony in all this is that these individuals do not necessarily feed properly. Why ? Because eating well is eating well : eating properly is above all eating smart. In practice, what does it mean? Simply to consume quantities adapted to your activity rate and energy expenditure. Because yes, it’s stupid to say, but if there is one advice from your mom to remember, it is that “must eat everything.”

And for good reason, each nutrient has a very specific role, even those that tend to be demonized, such as carbohydrates or lipids (the famous fat). Food is a game of balance where everyone has an important role to play:

  • Proteins, for the repair and growth of muscle tissue, but also for your good general vitality (hair, nails, skin, etc.)
  • The carbohydrates, for the energy, the good functioning of the body, but also so that this one can assimilate and to use itself wisely (to rebuild of the muscle) proteins. Of course, choose low-glycemic index carbohydrates (cereals, whole pasta, wholegrain rice, lentils, etc.) which, in order to make a schematic, will be more likely to be used as energy rather than fat.
  • Lipids, yet pointed, to carry the vitamins in your body, for the health of your cells, for your hormonal balance and for your energy level. Here, it is a question of choosing those which are healthy, the famous “good fats” which are these lipids with fatty acids poly and monounsaturated (fish, avocados, almonds, olive oil, rapeseed …).

That being said, you must then ask yourself how to adapt your diet to your physical development goals . Here are some guidelines to follow, depending on the objectives you may have to fix.

You want to gain mass? So do this:

Increase your intake of lean protein (white meats, fish, etc.) to have about 30 grams of protein to digest every 3 hours to keep your muscles growing;

Increase your low glycemic index carbohydrate intake to get enough juice during your workouts and your body to have the fuel to build muscle mass;

Do not neglect the good lipids, essential for your health .

And for those who want to lose fat  ?

Be careful to limit your intake of carbohydrates, even cutting them beyond 16 hours to prevent them from being stored. Except, of course, if you train in the evening.

It will then be necessary to ensure a small carbohydrate intake before training in order to have the energy to give you full body, but also to give your body the essence it needs to start the process. burning fat (by the way, notice how counterintuitive, but nevertheless imperative, to take a little sugar to burn fat …);

Remember to sleep well of course, because it has an impact on your hunger. Indeed, several studies on panels of several hundred people indicated that those who slept the least saw an increase in their rate of ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates hunger) and a decrease in their level of leptin (a hormone that causes the opposite effect, namely to give the body an impression of satiety).

Tips for living in good health

“For your health, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day”, “For your health, eat less fat and less salty”, “For your health avoid alcohol abuse”: for those who watch TV, you are subjected daily to these redundant and unnecessary advertising messages. No one will say to themselves when they hear that “Yes, they are right, I’m going to do a little jogging! “In addition, these messages are far too simplistic and incomplete, note the irony when they dare to put” Eat less fat and less salty “at the end of an advertisement for McDo’s new burger, it always makes me laugh!

Here are 6 REAL tips to keep you fit and healthy for as long as you can, tips that you will NEVER see on TV.

1) Follow the basic nutritional advice

The most important thing is to follow the dietary recommendations that I outlined in my previous article ”  What can (still) eat today? ”

Here is a brief reminder:

  • Do not go to fast food: it’s not new, it’s the worst thing to do. See the Americans …
  • Stop food stuffed with dyes, preservatives, full of “E”: chips, Curly, sodas, syrup …
  • Ban foods with high glycemic index: classic baguette, white pasta, white rice, refined sugar …
  • Eat low GI foods: vegetables, legumes, oilseeds …
  • Avoid gluten, lactose and casein: pasta, bread, cakes, wheat flour, animal milks, cheese, butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese … All these foods promote intestinal permeability, contributing to the development of an impressive number diseases: from schizophrenia to osteoarthritis, through rheumatoid arthritis, … in short, all kinds of pathologies.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal: take them organic because some are highly processed in conventional agriculture. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc … Vary, all are good for health. To quote a well-known slogan: “Eat all! “
  • Limit consumption of red meat and large fish: Red meat contains antibiotics, toxins, many saturated fats. If you take it, it is essential to take it bio (because chemicals love to store in fat). For fish, avoid those at the top of the food chain (so the bigger ones) because they have a high concentration of heavy metals. You can eat white meat several times a week but prefer organic.
  • Eat organic eggs: very good for health, consume them without hesitation!
  • Optimize your intake of Omega-3: olive oil, rapeseed, flax, oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel …). All these foods are good for the heart, the memory, the mood. Omega-3s even help with weight loss!

2) Avoid bisphenol A

Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical compound used in combination with other elements in the constitution of plastics and epoxy resins. It is found everywhere: in plastic containers, the coating of metal cans (including cans), hard plastic water bottles (found in companies, in waiting rooms …), receipts and until recently he was still found in baby bottles. Bisphenol A is very toxic and unfortunately it penetrates very easily into the body.

Many studies have proved its harmfulness: it weakens tooth enamel, is probably responsible for many cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, it acts on the brain, on the reproductive function (it is an endocrine disruptor). I advise you to take a look at the Wikipedia article, the list of risks is very long.