Stressed? Say goodbye to the benefits of healthy eating

We all know it: a healthy and balanced diet is essential to take care of our body and stay healthy. What we did not know, however, is that stress can disrupt things.

This is what American researchers have discovered. Their study, published in the Molecular Psychiatry, demonstrates that stress can completely negate the beneficial effects of a healthy diet!

Back on this study and, above all, on several ways to prevent stress from seizing you and playing with your health.

It’s proven: stress has a negative effect on diet

The study was conducted for 2 days with 58 women aged 53 years on average. Of these, 20 were in perfect health and 38 were in remission of breast cancer.

A study conducted around breakfast

The experiment aimed to record the reaction of their organism after a meal. For this, the participants, divided into two groups, were asked to eat the breakfast they were offered. The first group received a breakfast based on saturated fats, considered as bad for health. The second group, meanwhile, was treated to a healthy and balanced breakfast made from sunflower oil.

The researchers also had extensive discussions with each woman to assess their level of stress, particularly related to events experienced in the day before breakfast. Finally, several blood samples were taken from each woman during the study.

The researchers then looked at the inflammation rate in each participant’s blood. Inflammation can be caused by both poor nutrition and stress. And it is far from harmless: it can indeed lead to several health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease!

Results without appeal

If researchers expected to see a higher rate of inflammation in women who ate a breakfast that was bad for their health, that was not the case.

As expected, all women who ate an unhealthy breakfast had high levels of inflammation in their blood regardless of their level of stress. But such a high rate was noted in stressed women who ate a balanced breakfast made from sunflower oil, an oil that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties!

In the end, therefore, only unstressed women who ate a balanced breakfast escaped with a low rate of inflammation.

For researchers, the results are clear: the benefits of a balanced diet have been offset by stress .

To improve nothing, we also know that when we are stressed, we tend to turn to a very unhealthy diet. Between the countless cups of coffee, the cookie packets and the prepared meals of the supermarkets, we quickly get into a vicious cycle in which stress is king: stress makes us make poor food choices , and these choices help to feed us. our stress.

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